Alpha Hydroxy Acid: The intelligent way to exfoliate
Environ Focus Care Youth+ Concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Toner

Alpha Hydroxy Acid: The intelligent way to exfoliate


Exfoliation or more specifically, granular scrubs are promoted extensively by cosmetic brands as a good way to keep skin healthy, and that frequent exfoliating or scrubbing away “dead skin” will help to get rid of the look of dull, dry skin. Environ’s philosophy is very different. Backed by science and based on physiology of the skin, Environ does not recommend unnecessary exfoliation.


Remember that it is the duty of a keratinocyte to eventually die so that it can form part of the outer stratum corneum of the skin, which under ideal conditions should be compact. We need that ultra-fine layer (about 0.01-0.02 mm) of dead skin because it is our only protection against the environment. If the dead keratinocyte is shed too early, this layer will not be an adequate barrier and water will easily be lost. This can also result in environmental toxins easily moving into the skin.

A rough (not compact) stratum corneum is a sign that your skin is unhealthy and needs to be replenished with vitamin A and other essential nutrients. Vitamin A helps assist in making the stratum corneum healthy and smooth, which cancels the need to exfoliate. Find out more

Environ promotes micro-exfoliation, a more gentle, intelligent approach to help skin appear softer, smoother, and more evenly radiant.

Hydroxy acids – An intelligent approach to micro-exfoliation.

Environ was the first to produce an alpha hydroxy acid cosmetic product in South Africa. AHAs are natural, organic acids included in skin care products to primarily promote natural desquamation (exfoliation of the dead and dying skin) of the stratum corneum layer of the skin. They do this by dissolving the bonds (glue) which allows them to flake off more evenly so that healthier skin is uncovered. This gives the skin a softer and smoother appearance. Find out more about AHA’S

Environ’s scientific non-abrasive skin savers:

  • Skin EssentiA® Hydrating Clay Masque
    An essential multi-functional masque that helps to hydrate and gently micro-exfoliate the skin. Find out more
  • Youth+ Concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Toner
    With a high concentration of Glycolic Acid, this toner assists in promoting the effects of the natural acid mantle of the skin & encourages gentle exfoliation. Find out more
  • Moisture+ Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream
    Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream assists to refresh the appearance of tired-looking skin, with a gentle micro-exfoliating formula that helps to refine the look of the skin's texture and lock in more moisture. Find out more
  • Clarity+ Sebu-Clear Masque
    A revolutionary low pH acid cream masque that contains a combination of exfoliating acids to assist in clearing the appearance of breakouts. Find out more

Your skin deserves to be cared for in the gentlest way possible. After all, you only have one skin. Look after it.


If granular exfoliators are so popular, why doesn’t Environ have one?




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