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6 Reasons why Skin Care Professionals LOVE ENVIRON

  1. Environ pioneered the use of high effective doses of vitamin A and antioxidants to support healthy looking skin and combats the visible signs of ageing.
  2. Each product has been clinically tested by Dr Des and his team, and by independent collaborators, to be effective and safe.
  3. Environ Skin Care products are not sold online. They are sold only through expertly trained and authorised Environ Skin Care Professionals as we believe this approach will ensure complete consumer satisfaction as the power of our beautiful science always requires the consultation and product recommendation of a Skin Care Professional.
  4. Maximum effectiveness of formulations is maintained by prevention of exposure to light, heat, air, and irradiation during manufacturing.
  5. Environ skin care products are packaged in specific containers which prevents light, air and bacteria from degrading formulations. Packaging ensures that all ingredients retain their efficacy.
  6. The product offering is suitable for all skin types, all ages and all genders.

See what our Consumers have to say:

Jennifer Moran
“These products mean I have clear, glowing skin similar to my 20’s.”
Elena Makridis
“I’ve used Environ for 1,5 years now and I’m just blown away by the results.”
Shannin King
“With Environ my skin always feels like it has what it needs.”
Elsie Fouche Mare
“I love Environ.....very good products.”
Charmaine Santillan Walker
“Love love it...been using it 4 years”

We’ve spent 25 years creating beautiful skin!

Our secret to success

1Essential nutrients for healthy-looking skin

Dr Des formulated the Environ products to help correct the effects of the chronic deficiency of vitamin A and antioxidants that everyone in the world is subjected to and suffers from in the exposed areas of skin.

The formulae of Environ are entirely based on the need to help replenish all the nutrients lost by the effects of exposure to the sun, and other harmful environmental influences and at the same time to moisturize the skin.

Environ’s key to success is our unique Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ which enables the skin to acclimatize to the highest, effective dose of topical vitamin A.

2Environ Professional. The ULTIMATE in skin care technology

The Environ Ionzyme® DF Machine provides facial treatments that are at the forefront of scientific skin care. It combines two sophisticated technologies – low frequency sonophoresis and pulsed iontophoresis - that make a lasting difference to the appearance of your skin.

This dual electro-sonic technology was developed by leading South African Plastic Surgeon, Dr Des Fernandes. Low frequency sonophoresis uses specific sound waves whilst pulsed iontophoresis uses electrical current to help stimulate your skin, allowing significantly more essential nutrients to areas where skin needs them most.

Large and small areas as well as specific skin concerns such as fine lines, scar tissue, uneven skin tone and photodamaged skin can all be targeted using this technology, resulting in a noticeably improved complexion, texture and radiance.

Treatments are personalised and can vary from focused 20 minute treatments to more comprehensive 90 minute treatments. A course of treatments is recommended for optimal results.

To improve the overall health and wellbeing of your skin and to experience your skin #RebornBeautiful through the ultimate in skin care technology, contact your nearest Environ Stockist.

3Cool Peel® Technology

The Environ Cool Peel Technology is a revolutionary approach in the concept of skin peeling.

Traditional treatments are based on the destruction of the skin cells. Environ’s technology however does not put strain on the skin, but rather supports the effects of the natural processes of healthy skin.

Environ achieves its effects by prolonged application, to the skin, of low percentage acid-based gels and creams. A series of light peels produces the appearance of healthier and smoother looking skin.

4Environ Cosmetic Needling Technology. The ultimate in skin micro perfusion technology

The Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT®, Cosmetic Gold Roll-CIT®, Focus-CIT® and Body Roll-CIT® are designed to help enhance the overall look and feel of the skin.

They have ultra-fine stainless steel needles which vary between 0.1 to 0.2mm in length. They are simple to use and are designed to treat all areas of the face and body. Regular use of these instruments assists in increasing the effects of the topically applied Environ products.

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