Problem Skin And Alpha Hydroxy acids
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Help shed the appearance of problem skin with Alpha Hydroxy Acids

You might be forgiven for thinking that the use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) in skincare products is a fairly modern method of treating the appearance of problem or sun-damaged skin. But Cleopatra knew what she was doing when she bathed in milk to leave her skin smooth and silky. And Madame Pompadour was rumoured to use champagne on her skin for the same reasons.

Environ Skin Care | Alpha Hydroxy Acids - sun-damaged skin

What are AHAs and why should you use them?

AHAs are natural acids that are often used in skincare products to help promote smoother, clearer and more radiant looking skin. They are often called fruit acids, although many of them are not derived from fruit.

The natural exfoliation process of the skin is called desquamation. The primary action of AHAs in skincare products is to help exfoliate the skin by dissolving the bonds (“the cement” or “glue”) between skin cells which allows the cells to flake off more evenly and at a faster rate. The cells beneath are fresher and less dehydrated, giving a softer and smoother appearance to the skin.

Why do we need extra exfoliation?

The natural process of desquamation can be compromised by various factors, such as ageing or having a skin that is too oily or too dry. If your skin does not shed cells as efficiently as it could, the skin could look dull and flaky. Other symptoms of an inefficient skin shedding process could include a loss of firmness, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as an uneven skin tone.

When you gently eliminate dead skin, all of these skin problems can be minimised resulting in a more healthy-looking and radiantly youthful appearance. This is where AHAs (such as Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid) come into play.

Energised and radiant looking skin

Using a skin care product that contains AHAs can help smooth the skin without irritation, helping to reveal a hydrated complexion and a radiant, glowing appearance. It can also help to energise tired-looking skin and assist in refining texture.

Find the AHA product that suits you

Each product in the Environ Focus Care Youth+ Range has been specially formulated with various intelligent ingredient combinations to address specific skin concerns. Adding products from this range to those from the Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ will greatly assist in improving the wellbeing and appearance of your skin.


Tri-Biobotanical Revival Masque helps give mature, congested or sun-damaged skin a softer and smoother texture.

Tri BioBotanical Revival Masque - carousel | Environ Skin Care


Concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Toner is especially suited to sun-damaged, sensitive or problem skin.

Concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Toner - carousel | Environ Skin Care


Say ‘aha’ to an alpha hydroxy acid skin solution. Discover how to help reveal your most radiant complexion.




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