What can you do to help correct damaged skin?
What can you do to help correct damaged skin Featured | Environ Skin Care

What can you do to correct damaged skin?

What can you do to help correct damaged skin - Featured - Environ Skin Care

Damaged skin is a reality for so many people across the globe. The emotional impact it can have on people who have blemish-prone skin, or skin concerns like pigmentation or scars can often become an emotional issue for them.

They often feel a lack of confidence in their appearance and experience a great deal of stress as a direct result of the condition of their skin. But their damaged skin shouldn’t prevent them from being able to #LiveBeautifully…  

By better understanding how the skin works and how to take the best possible care of it, it is actually possible to help minimise, correct and prevent further damage so that skin can be #RebornBeautiful. This in turn should help to re-build self-confidence and reduce stress levels – the latter being particularly important for beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

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Blemishes or acne breakouts are caused by blocked pores that create inflammation in the area surrounding hairs before they emerge from the skin. It is due to an imbalance of male hormones affecting both men and women from the age of puberty onwards. Generally this imbalance usually settles post-puberty, but for some people, it could be a prolonged skin concern.

Fortunately, scientific studies have shown that Vitamin A is the only molecule that can help control or assist in reducing the appearance of blemishes or acne breakouts as it helps to control the inflamed appearance of the skin and helps to inhibit the production of excess sebum. Over time, increasing doses of vitamin A can help normalise skin cells to the point where breakouts occur less frequently and are less visible. For detailed information on Environ Skin Care Ranges that can target your specific need, see our Skin Concerns page.


This condition is caused by the formation of excess melanin (pigment) that can create dark marks and uneven skin tone. Causes of excess melanin can be hormonal, too much sun exposure or genetic factors. At times when our hormones are behaving differently (such as during pregnancy), melanin forms more easily.

Virtually all pigment-bearing skin cells are cells that naturally flake off after about a month. This means that pigment production and distribution is an ongoing, cycled process with 11 to 12 cycles per year, so reduction of pigment production may take a few months to show.

Vitamin A and antioxidants are the source of healthy skin cell behaviour. Treatment of abnormal pigmentation requires the establishing of cell health by the use of vitamin A products and a combination of sun avoidance and strict sun screening.

For detailed information on Environ Skin Care Ranges that can target your specific need, visit our Skin Concerns page.


Scars are often a reminder of something that has happened to us, whether recently or long ago. They are also a reminder of the amazing natural healing powers of the body. Whether scarring is a result of injury, surgery or a skin problem, such as acne, one of the most important treatments to assist in healing and reducing the outward appearance of the scar is to protect it from the sun. Always wear a good UVA and UVB protective sunscreen over the scar.

How a fresh wound is treated is important, as a quick treatment can affect how much or how little the skin will scar. They should be kept moist, and as soon as possible, treated with an antioxidant rich serum to assist in protecting the skin healing. Once the skin has healed, regular massaging of the scar in the early stages can help prevent raised scars as the massage helps soften the dense bands of collagen tissue that can form at the wound.

When looking to minimise the appearance of an existing or ‘old’ scar, the treatment depends on the individual situation, and how old or severe the scar is. It is best to consult a skin care professional to find out what can safely and effectively be done through cosmetic procedures and topical creams. To consult a skin care professional and find out more, contact us.

Armed with the correct information, and a little patience, you can visibly reduce skin damage and #LiveBeautifully with #RebornBeautiful skin.

Blemish-prone skin, pigmentation, scars shouldn’t make you want to hide away. Read more to learn how to help minimise, correct and prevent further damage.




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