What is the best form of vitamin C in skin care?
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What is the best form of vitamin C in skincare?


Since inception, Environ has created skin care products with powerful combinations of vitamin A and C - because for the healthiest-looking, most radiant skin, these nutrients are essential. Vitamin C plays an extremely important role in the antioxidant brigade to help protect against the effects of free radical damage as a result of environmental and UV light exposure.


There are many skin care products on the market today that boast vitamin C derivatives – targeting the skin damaging effects of sun and pollution, and this has led to a rather confusing choice when it comes to which form of vitamin C is best and most effective.

Debunking Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic Acid:

L - Ascorbic acid is actually unstable and oxidises when exposed to light and oxygen. Environ has found that under the best laboratory conditions, ascorbic acid formulations, even with so-called "stabilisers" can only last at their intended concentration for a maximum of up to three weeks. You can easily recognise oxidation of ascorbic acid when the product starts to turn a pale yellow, and this means you already have less than the original concentration of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is also a water-soluble molecule and can't be easily absorbed especially past the lipid-based layer that repels water-based molecules.

Environ's intelligent approach to vitamin C

Environ pioneered the use of stabilised and highly effective forms of vitamin C in skin care products which relies more on lipid-soluble versions of vitamin C – such as Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate. It is scientifically proven to have excellent stability, it's highly effective and can be used on delicate skin. Environ formulates with Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate in preference to any other forms of vitamin C to target the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines and photo-ageing.

"We became one of the first companies in the world to use this wonderful, effective molecule. Our experience and research makes us believe that we have entered a new era in vitamin C treatments for skin" - Dr Des Frenandes. Environ Founder and Scientific Director.

Give your skin a boost of vitamin C

The Environ Radiance+ Mela-Even Cream is an intelligently formulated, highly effective vitamin C infused cream. Designed as part of the 3-Step Mela-Smart System™, Mela-Even Cream can be added to your daily routine as soon as the visible signs of sun damage, dark patches and uneven skin tone become visible.

Find out more about the Environ Radiance+ range.

Visit your nearest Environ Skin Care Professional for your prescribed skin care routine to ensure that you experience the most healthy-looking, beautifully radiant skin possible.


Vitamin C is a powerful ingredient, when used in its best form.




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