Introducing: Environ’s New Focus Care Comfort+® Anti-Pollution Spritz and Masque
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Environ’s New Focus Care Comfort+ ® Anti-Pollution Spritz & Masque

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Born from extensive scientific research and the constant pursuit of developing best-in-class skincare, Environ introduces two new Anti-Pollution innovations. Each product is formulated with highly intelligent ingredient combinations that offer complete protection against the harmful effects of pollution. Ingenious. Beautiful. Science.

Life has changed, but the world hasn’t stopped. Living in the new normal is demanding. Consumers are time deprived, constantly connected to digital devices and exposed to high levels of stress. The harmful effects of numerous indoor and outdoor pollutants are on the rise and are scientifically shown to cause significant damage to the skin. Vehicle fumes, cigarette smoke, particulate matter, heavy metals, harmful chemicals and other pollutants in combination with ultraviolet (UV) blue light and infrared irradiation are known to induce oxidative stress and a destructive chain of free radicals. This leads to increased signs of skin sensitivity, premature skin ageing, skin discolouration, dryness, dullness and roughness.

Introducing New Focus Care Comfort+® Anti-Pollution Spritz

This lightweight, invisible, breathable shield offers complete protection. Its scientifically perfected blend of anti-pollution ingredients and high potency antioxidants help to counteract the harmful effects of pollution.

1. Lightweight, invisible, breathable shield

2. Rebalances skin microbiome

3. Blue light free radical defense

4. Strengthens the skin’s resistance

5. Supports a healthy-looking skin barrier

1. POLLUSTOP® assists to form a physical surface barrier to help protect the skin against atmospheric, UV and urban pollution.

2. ACTIBIOME® is a scientifically advanced ingredient complex that assists to rebalance the biodiversity and homeostatis of the skin’s microbiome.

3. HIGH POTENCY VITAMIN C COMBINED WITH A SPECIALISED PLANT EXTRACT assists to counteract the effects of free radicals induced by blue light.

4. A highly CONCENTRATED PHYTONUTRIENT PLANT EXTRACT is scientifically shown to deactivate pollution’s effects and enhances the skin’s resistance to pollutants.

5. NIACINAMIDE is a powerful antioxidant, which assists to repair and protect the skin barrier from past and future damage.

Focus Care Comfort+® Anti-Pollution Masque

environ focus care with application example Experience the purifying effects of Environ’s new multi-functional charcoal masque, formulated with Japanese charcoal and special botanicals to help absorb pollutant impurities, normalise and hydrate the appearance of skin, leaving it feeling revitalised and smooth.

Long-term exposure to rapidly increasing levels of urban pollution is unavoidable. Environ’s powerful approach builds on the brand’s pioneering skincare philosophy of vitamin A combined with targeted solutions to future-proof skin.





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