Environ Focus Care™ Clarity+ Press Release
Image of all the products of Environ Focus Care Clarity+ Range

Environ Focus Care™ Clarity+ Press Release

Launch of Environ’s new Focus Care™ Clarity+ Range

Take charge and conquer confidence-crushing breakouts and reveal clear, healthy-looking skin with Environ’s new Focus Care™ Clarity+ Range.

For over 18 years Dr Des Fernandes, Environ Founder and Scientific Director, has been researching and developing an innovative skincare solution that would help target the root causes of breakouts. Dr Des not only believes that “no one should have uncontrolled acne and get permanent scars and pits” but that “by keeping the vitamin A levels high in the skin that we could help to reduce the chances of breakouts appearing.”

So why be part of the 9.4% of the global population who suffer from painful and inflammatory breakouts that can lead to serious depression and even suicidal tendencies when the solution to breakout-free, healthy-looking skin is clear with the new Clarity+ Range?

Following the global discontinuation of the B-Active Range, the new Clarity+ Range is an innovative 3-phase system offering breakout-prone skin a complete skincare solution that is tough on breakouts but easy on skin.

Discontinued Products New Focus Care™ Clarity+ Products
Sebu-Prep Discontinued, no replacement
Sebu-Masque Discontinued, no replacement
Sebu-Wash Botanical Infused Sebu-Wash Gel Cleanser
*New formula, bigger pack size
Sebu-Tone Botanical Infused Sebu-Tone Clarifier
*New formula
Sebu-Gel A Discontinued, no replacement
Sebu-Lac Lotion Hydroxy Acid Sebu-Lac Lotion
*New product
Sebu-ACE Oil Vita-Botanical Sebu-ACE Oil
*New Product
Sebu-Spot Botanical Infused Sebu-Spot Gel
Sebu-Clear Masque Hydroxy Acid Sebu-Clear Masque
*New Product

How does Environ’s new Focus Care™ Clarity+ Range reveal clear, healthy-looking skin?

Each Clarity+ phase contains products that have been specifically formulated to help target the root causes of breakouts by giving your skin exactly what it needs where it needs it most.

Phase 1: Clean – using Sebu-Wash Gel Cleanser and Sebu-Tone Clarifier helps to combat the appearance of CONGESTION and excess oil.

Sebu-Wash Gel Cleanser: washes away dirt and excess surface oils.

Sebu-Tone Clarifier: helps remove dead skin cells and oily shine.

Phase 2: CONTROL – using Sebu-Lac Lotion and Sebu-ACE Oil helps to counteract the progression of CONSPICUOUS spots while Sebu-Spot Blemish Gel helps to target them.

Sebu-Lac Lotion: assists in improving skin texture and appearance

Sebu-ACE Oil: helps nourish skin with essential vitamins A, C and E.

Sebu-Spot Blemish Gel: targets and minimises the appearance of spots.

Phase 3: CLEAR – using the Sebu-Clear Masque every second or third day, in the evening, helps to reduce the appearance of CONFIDENCE-CRUSHING breakouts.

Sebu-Clear Masque: clears the appearance of existing breakouts and assists in skin renewal and rejuvenation.

For optimal results, combine the Clarity+ Range with a course of Professional Peels, and in time, step-up your daily dose of topical vitamin A skincare products.

Ask your Skin Care Professional about how you can #ConquerWithClarity+ so that you can #FocusOnFlawless skin that looks clear and healthy.

Want to learn more about conquering breakouts? Visit environskincare.com for myth crushers, confidence-boosting skin tips and much more.

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