Understanding each skin condition: Dry skin
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Understanding each skin condition: Dry skin

Your skin is your biggest organ and it has three main functions: protection, regulation and sensation. Your skin would fall into one of three main skin types: dry skin is one of them. If your skin is dry, it tends to feel rough, tight and may even appear flaky.

If you suffer from dry skin, you are likely to be genetically predisposed to having an underactive sebaceous gland. This means that your skin lacks the oil it needs to retain moisture and to build a protective barrier against the environment, all very necessary to keep skin looking healthy and hydrated.

What else can influence the level of dryness in your skin?

A dry skin type is attributed to your genetic makeup. In other instances, dry skin can also be due to exposure to external factors such as the environment and lifestyle, in this case, it’s considered to be a skin condition.

Internal Factors External / Environmental Factors

The natural ageing process:

  • The sebaceous glands, that secrete oil to lubricate the skin, become less active. This is why your skin feels dry.
  • Your skin loses its elasticity which is why your skin feels tight.

Lifestyle Factors:

  • A lack of water intake can lead to dehydrated skin.
  • Overindulgence in alcohol and the regular use of certain medications
  • If the body lacks essential fatty acids, the skin can start to itch, dry out and feel scaly.

Environmental Stressors:

  • Weather extremes paired with sun exposure results in your skin losing moisture. This is why it feels tight.
  • Cold winds and air from air conditioners also dry the skin out.

Whether you have dry or dehydrated skin, bringing your skin back to beautiful is relatively easy.

  1. Normalise: First replenish your skin’s natural vitamin A levels. This is the first step in Environ’s Skin Care Prescription³ and can be done through the topical application of vitamin A.


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  2. Focus: To target dryness and dehydration, you can add focused products to your skincare routine to give you more of what your skin needs where it needs it most. The Focus Care™ Moisture+ Range has been specially formulated with powerful ingredient combinations to give your skin more of the moisture it needs to look radiantly healthy and plump for life.

    Environ products which focus on skin moisture


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We know that when it comes to life, there are no shortcuts. Your skin is no different. Your determination will be rewarded with beautiful, hydrated-looking skin. Find out more about Environ’s Skincare Prescription³ here and which other Environ products focus on skin moisture.

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Understanding each skin condition: Dry skin




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