The Beautiful Science behind Environ skin care
Environ Skin Care | Beautiful Science

The Beautiful Science behind Environ Skin Care

Environ Skin Care | Beautiful Science

In our modern world we are bombarded with a high frequency of intense marketing messages that make claims promising everything from perfect happiness to divine beauty – all because of a pair of shoes or a beautiful perfume bottle. When it comes to skin care, it is no different. How do you know what is real, what is true and what is purely a clever play on words and images?

At Environ, we believe in beautiful skin care based on science, and science alone. Environ products have been formulated by world renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr Des Fernandes, based on the fact that we need to correct a chronic deficiency of vitamin A in all exposed areas of our skin. Vitamin A is widely considered one of the most important ingredients in skin care because it is the only molecule that can actually assist in ‘normalising’ cells, resulting in healthier-looking and more radiantly beautiful skin. Cells need to be normalised to function effectively, and effectively functioning cells behave like younger, healthier cells.

Get an A+ for skin care

Once your skin is acclimatised to using increasing doses of vitamin A, your skin will have a more balanced function, which assists in improving the appearance of many skin concerns such as breakouts, pigmentation, lack of firmness and radiance.

Environ’s A+ Complex is a scientifically effective combination of essential nutrient vitamins A, C and E, a rich antioxidant formula that assists in minimising free radical damage, and peptides that help reduce the signs of ageing by giving the skin a smoother more radiantly youthful appearance.

Step up to beautiful skin

Science has taught us that everyone who is exposed to light suffers from a vitamin A deficiency in their skin.

Like all good things, introducing the skin to optimal levels of vitamin A takes time because the vitamin A receptors in the skin become sluggish and will need to be re-activated slowly with topical doses of vitamin A to help prevent a retinoid reaction.

Dr Des Fernandes understood this and created the world’s first Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ which allows the skin to become gradually more comfortable with increased levels of vitamin A and other beneficial ingredients. Environ products contain scientifically researched combinations of active ingredients, which is why it is best to consult a trained Environ Skin Care Professional before embarking on your journey to healthier-looking, normalised and properly functioning skin.

Our skin is as unique as the rest of us, and factors such as genetics, history and current lifestyle all play a part in determining our skin care needs. With over 25 years of experience in helping people to achieve healthier-looking, more radiantly beautiful skin, it is worth consulting a trained Environ Skin Care Professional to start your journey to skin that is #RebornBeautiful!


Environ Skin Care | 1995 - Before Ionzyme C-Quence Range

Before Ionzyme® C-Quence Range


Environ Skin Care | 8 years after using Ionzyme C-Quence Range

8 years after using the Ionzyme® C-Quence Range


Environ Skin Care | 2008- 13 years after using Ionzyme C-Quence Range & Ionzyme DF Machine Treatments

13 years after using the Ionzyme® C-Quence Range as well as Ionzyme® DF Machine Treatments


Environ Skin Care | 2014 - 19 years after using Ionzyme C-Quence Range & Ionzyme DF Machine Treatments

19 years after using the Ionzyme® C-Quence Range as well as Ionzyme® DF Machine Treatments

*Ionzyme® C-Quence Range has been upgraded to Youth EssentiA®

Sort fact from fiction by understanding the role of vitamin A in scientific skin care, and how to begin your journey to beautiful skin with Environ.




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