4 best skincare ingredients for beautiful skin
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4 best skincare ingredients for beautiful skin

If you want beautiful skin, a well-balanced diet is just as important as a good beauty regime. But, as MD Mary Lupo, a clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University School of Medicine says, “The body delivers only a certain percentage of vitamins to your skin, no matter how much you ingest.” You can, however, try to target problem areas and treat certain skin conditions by applying vitamins topically.

Certain vitamins can help to nourish your skin over others. Take a look at the four best skincare ingredients for beautiful skin and how they can help you:

Vitamin A for normalising

Environ Skin Care | Beautiful Skin - Vitamin A for normalising

Vitamin A thickens and strengthens the dermis. As a result it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase blood flow to the epidermis. It also functions as an antioxidant which helps build collagen and, as a result, helps to combat the visible signs of ageing.

How do vitamin A skincare products benefit me?

  • Helps to improve epidermal hydration
  • Reduces the appearance of discolouration and pigmentation
  • Helps treat acne by inhibiting excessive sebum
  • Assists in speeding up skin renewal

Vitamin C treats spots

Environ Skin Care | Beautiful Skin - Vitamin C treats spots

Vitamin C can help to improve multiple skin conditions. As an effective antioxidant, it assists in reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone, it assists in the production of collagen and it protects the skin from harmful free radicals. It can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines and sagging skin.

How do vitamin C skincare products benefit me?

  • Creates the appearance of a more radiantly even skin tone
  • Assists in the production of collagen for firmer looking skin
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of inflamed and irritated areas
  • Can help to reduce sun damage and brown spots
  • Can enhance the effectiveness of sunscreens in protecting skin from harmful UV rays

Vitamin E adds moisture

Environ Skin Care | Beautiful Skin - Vitamin E adds moisture

Vitamin E’s main function as an antioxidant is to repair and protect the skin through photoprotection. This is the process by which the body minimises the damage of harmful UV rays and free radicals that are caused by environmental factors.

How do vitamin E skincare products benefit me?

  • Can prevent premature signs of ageing with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Acts as a moisturiser
  • Known to help protect skin from harmful sun damage

SPF reduces UV ray damage

Most sun damage is a result of exposure to sunlight on a daily basis, example: shopping, driving, relaxing under an umbrella and walking in the streets. This is why it is important to wear sun protection all-year-round, not just when on holiday and soaking up the sun.

Environ Skin Care | Beautiful Skin - SPF reduces UV ray damage

The truth is that 80% of sun-damage is done by the age of 18. It tends to start in the teens, is clinically suspected in the 20s and is clearly established in the 30s. Generally, in our late 20s and early 30s the first signs of photo-ageing appear. This means that the skin feels drier and fine lines begin to appear. The skin loses its translucency and the texture becomes rough. Environ’s products have been introduced to specifically meet this challenge by using ingredients that will protect the skin and restore some of the skin’s lost youthful properties.

Environ Skin Care | Beautiful Skin - protect your skin

SPF is one of the most confusing issues because some manufacturers and many dermatologists insist that the higher the SPF, the better the protection. Leading scientists studying sun protection maintain that an SPF of 15-20 is all that should be used. Higher SPF creams have minimal added protection, but mean greater concentrations of the actual chemical sunscreen agents. These themselves may have unwanted side effects such as the formation of a great excess of free radicals. It is much better if most of the protection is supplied by reflective agents such as Titanium Dioxide.

Environ Skin Care | Beautiful Skin - how SPF products benefit you

How do SPF products benefit me?

  • Help prevent sun-damage
  • Delay the onset of the visible signs of ageing, i.e. wrinkles, chronic inflammation, and discolouration
  • Adequately protect against both UVB and UVA rays
  • Allow you to live life to the fullest while your skin is protected

Beautiful-looking skin requires more than just a healthy lifestyle. Ensure your skin gets what it needs to look healthy and stay beautiful by using the right products. Visit our skin care ranges.

Did you know that vitamins can help treat common skin conditions and problem areas? Take a look at the four best vitamins for your skin.




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