30 Days of Living Beautifully | Environ Skin Care

30 Days of Living Beautifully

That's our challenge to you.

You only have one life. So live it beautifully. You only have one skin. So keep it looking healthy and beautiful for life. It’s never too late or too early to start over, so join us as we share 30 days and different ways of living beautifully - and some great skincare tips too. Scroll below and join us as we pursue a beautiful life.

Start your Day off Beautifully 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Start your day off beautifully

Wake up to a vitamin A enriched fresh mango and spinach juice. Give your skin that extra boost with nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin B and protein which are found in spinach and mangoes.

Day 1

Take a Lunch Break 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Take a lunch break

Step away from your desk and take your lunch break. You are more likely to eat a healthy balanced lunch and you'll feel more relaxed, helping to reduce stress-related breakouts.

Day 2

Find your balance

Breathe in, stretch your arms up and find your life's balance. Yoga improves your circulation, allowing your blood to flow and skin to glow. You'll feel younger and so will your skin.

Find your Balance 30 Days | Environ Skin Care

Day 3

Take a Breather 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Take a breather

Breathe in the good, breathe out the bad. Taking a break to just breathe will help you relax, flush toxins from your skin and improve your skin's overall health and wellbeing.

Day 4

Environ Website Day05 | Environ Skin Care
Feel the sunshine

Spend some time in the sun for a healthier mind, body and skin. 10 minutes of sun a day is known to have a beneficial effect on many skin problems.

Day 5

Benefits of Beach & Treating Skin Acne | Environ Skin Care

Take a trip to the beach, take a dip in the sea, and let the water make your skin feel and look beautiful. The salt in seawater will help cleanse your pores and balance your oil production. Read More

Day 6

Plant Colourful Fruits and Vegetables 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Plant colourful fruits and vegetables

When it comes to fruit and veg, choose red. They're rich in vitamin D, which can give your skin a radiant glow. Vitamin D also helps to combat free radical damage which can cause your skin to age.

Day 7

Laugh it off 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Laugh it off

Life's too short not to laugh. A good laugh is like a facial massage. It reduces stress and gets blood flowing to your face, helping to improve skin tone and elasticity- giving you a natural glow.

Day 8

Gift Yourself 30 Day Challenge | Environ Skin Care
Love your skin

Show your skin some love. Apply Environ’s Super Moisturiser+ under your make-up for luxuriously smooth skin and an all-day radiant glow.

Day 9

Soak Away your Stresses 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Soak away your stresses

Run a bath, raise your temperature and lift your mood. Hot baths can promote the flow of endorphins, helping to reduce stress. They can also leave your skin feeling soft and looking beautiful.

Day 10

Hit the Snooze Bottom 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Put on your dancing shoes

Dance the day away, dance your way to beautiful skin. Dancing allows your body to carry oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells, helping to promote skin cell renewal and a younger-looking skin.

Day 11

Get your Glow on 30 Days | Environ Skin Care

Pick up those weights and get your blood pumping. Exercise nourishes your skin cells and sweating helps to rid your body of toxins that can potentially clog your pores. Read More

Day 12

Embrace your Creative Side 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Embrace your creative side

Pick a new hobby, like painting, and reduce your stress levels. You'll help your skin's appearance by reducing the production of cortisol and other hormones that negatively influence your skin.

Day 13

Hit the Road 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Hit the road

Take the next step to a more beautiful life. Jogging gets blood and oxygen flowing around your body and skin, carrying away waste products, such as free radicals.

Day 14

Explore More 30 Days LB | Environ Skin Care
Explore more

Take a step outside. When you get some fresh air, you improve your physical health and wellbeing. Adventure is good for your soul, good for your health and therefore good for your skin.

Day 15

Environ Website2 Day16 | Environ Skin Care
Read another chapter

Relax yourself and calm your skin with a good book. It's just possible that the subject you read can bring about immense inner peace and tranquility and therefore healthier-looking skin.

Day 16

Challenge Yourself 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Challenge yourself

A good challenge can increase levels of endorphins and serotonin, improving your mood, energy levels and can also reduce stress, helping to improve the overall health and appearance of your skin.

Day 17

Eat Fresh | Environ Skin Care

Beautify your skin with a variety of healthy, beauty-boosting foods. What you eat affects your hormone balance, can lessen breakouts and can help your skin look younger. Read More

Day 18

Start Something 30 Days LB | Environ Skin Care
Start something

You can do anything you put your mind to. Doing something new, like painting, can lessen your stress levels - resulting in a happy and healthier-looking skin.

Day 19

Turn it up 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Turn it up

Pump up the jams and help to normalise your blood pressure, heartbeat, brain function and your mood, which in turn can assist in improving your skin's appearance.

Day 20

Hit the snooze botton 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Hit the snooze botton

Early to bed, early to rise makes life beautiful. A good night's sleep decreases inflammatory cells, decreasing the breakdown of collagen, helping improve skin's elasticity - giving a natural glow.

Day 21

Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Volunteer at a local animal shelter

Animals fill your heart with love and are also good for your heart and skin. They help to boost your immunity and overall wellbeing which can result in beautiful and healthy-looking skin.

Day 22

Make me Time 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Make me time

Relax and recharge your skin, mind and soul. Negative emotions can result in dull, saggy and sad-looking skin and breakouts. Make sure to take time to look after you.

Day 23

Drink up 30 Days | Environ Skin Care

Refresh from the inside out. Essential in maintaining skin moisture, water replenishes your skin tissue, assisting to increase elasticity and helping to delay visible signs of ageing.
Read More

Day 24

Take a Different Route 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Take a different route

Get a new perspective on life and help your skin look and feel healthier. A change of scenery helps relieve tension. The happier and more relaxed you feel, the less likely skin breakouts are.

Day 25

Enjoy Some Retail Therapy 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Enjoy some retail therapy

Indulge in what you love - when you are happy, endorphins are released. This helps improve blood circulation, providing a healthy dose of oxygen to your skin and body.

Day 26

Do More of What Makes you Happy 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Do more of what makes you happy

Pursue a beautiful life that makes you happy. When you are happy, you release feel-good endorphins that result in younger and happier-looking skin.

Day 27

Tidy Up 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Tidy Up

Organise your workspace and take control of your day and your skin. A tidy workspace helps to reduce your stress levels, allowing you to be more productive, creative and blemish free.

Day 28

Go Red 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
Go red

Pour yourself a cup of Rooibos and feel the antioxidants get to work on your skin. Rich in nutrients such as iron and calcium, your skin will love the anti-ageing benefits.

Day 29

Pamper your Skin 30 Days | Environ Skin care

Treat yourself to a facial and help give your skin a radiant glow. Your mental health will get a boost too, thanks to a combination of soothing touch, relaxing music and beautiful skin results. Read More

Day 30

Start your Day off Beautifully 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
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Take a Lunch Break 30 Days | Environ Skin Care
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Join us for 30 Days of Living Beautifully. Experience your skin reborn beautiful through great skin tips and our ideas on a beautiful life.







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